The Chimes Mission Statement

The Chimes Residential Care Home offers a uniquely different choice for the elderly. Our objective is to create an environment where you receive the highest standards of care, where dignity is respected, where talents and individuality are encouraged and where life for those who are elderly may be enjoyed to the fullest potential.The Chimes aims to provide you with care and support appropriate to your needs, in a friendly, warm, secure and supportive atmosphere. We will assist you to live happily and with as much independence as possible using staff that are trained and qualified in their role as carers. We wish to make you feel you are “amongst friends”.Our facility will meet your needs and take full account of, and be sensitive to, your cultural background, ethnicity and religious beliefs.We endeavour to care for our clients in a manner that encirclements “Good Care Practice” and we will to endeavour to achieve a standard of excellence in all that we do. Our procedures and activities concerning our clients will be witnessed, documented and open, so as to ensure that we achieve the highest standards of conduct, good practice and quality.We will make sure that your living environment is clean, comfortable and safe and secure.We will at all times treat you with respect and sensitivity to your individual needs and abilities. Our staff will be mindful and aware of the changes in your needs and abilities, and provide care and assistance as appropriateWhen people have worked hard throughout their lives and have been committed to helping others, we think they deserve extra cherishing. They need a home where individuality is emphasised, with staff that have time to give attention to small detail, and where they have the choice of enjoying the company of like-minded fellow residents.


PRIVACY:The right of the resident to be left alone andUndisturbed whenever they wish.


DIGNITY:The understanding of residents needs and treatingThem with respect.


INDEPENDENCE:Allowing a resident to take calculated risks, to makeTheir own decisions and think and act for themselves.


CHOICE:Giving the residents the opportunity to select forThemselves from a range of alternative options.


RIGHTS:Keeping all basic human rights available to theResidents.


FULFILMENT:Enabling the residents to realise their own aims andHelping them to achieve those goals in all aspects of daily living.